Dallas Comic Con 2014 Group Photo

Dallas Comic Con 2014

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zombie captain america cosplay from dallas comic con 2014

This year Captured Dimensions went to Dallas Comic Con at the Dallas Convention Center!


We had a blast at the convention, scanning in over 250 people and assembling a terabyte of data. We scanned everyone from cosplayers to celebrities. Some people even came back multiple times throughout the con in different costumes.

Everyone we got to talk to was blown away by the technology. We found that many people were captivated just by the 3D printer we had running throughout the con. Our augmented reality trackers were a big hit too, and we loved the look on people’s faces when we had a cosplayer from SXSW pop out of the tracker on our crew’s t-shirts.

Our newest printing option, a foot tall mono-color printed metalic replica, was a big hit. Pricing options for this new type of print will be available soon, we’re currently determining how big we can make them with our current printers.

Dallas Comic Con Mono Colo 3D Printed Replica

Dallas Comic Con Exhausted Crew PhotoOur crew was wiped out by the end of the con. We moved our entire studio setup down to the convention center and then back up to our home base in Plano. Setup and tear down, combined with actually running the booth, added up to several very long days. All in all though it was an incredibly fun experience. Moments where people’s jaws dropped as they understood what we were doing made it all worth it.

Keep an eye out for us at future conventions! We’ll have pre-order sign ups at future conventions that will reserve a block of time for you to get scanned in so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line.