split 3D render array of man with baby

Replicating Your Child

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After months of eager anticipation, my daughter was born last month. Naturally, one of my first desires was to get her into our studio for a 3D scan. So, at 2 1/2 weeks, we dragged my 6 pound daughter (and her mom) into the middle of our array of cameras and fired away. A couple hours and 25 shots later (over 1600 images), we had some really great results that we could send on to the photogrammetry and modeling stage. I am looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

Kids in the Studio

Obviously, the smaller a child is, the more challenges they present in the studio. Babies rarely understand the importance of holding a good pose or facial expression. Therefore, the time in the studio for a baby or small child shoot ends up being about triple that of a cooperative adult (we’ve had a few uncooperative adults).3D printed baby with captured dimensions logo This tends to compound problems with inattention, hunger, diapers, sleeping and overall anxiety in children. We’re working on honing our clown abilities, but good parental participation is still a must for kid shoots.

Ready for Business

So far we have had several very successful shoots with children ranging from infant, to toddler, to pre-school age. Grandparents love the thought of having a model of their beloved grandchild on the mantle, and parents are thrilled to have an interactive memory of their child at a younger age. We are now excited to share this service with the public.3D printed wedding cake toppers with captured dimensions logo3D printed bride wedding cake topperIf you have interest in turning your child into a vibrant, full-color model replica, contact us today to arrange your very own studio session! Package pricing information will be shared soon on our services page, but feel free to contact us directly in the meantime.