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RTX 2014

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We are back from Austin and descending from the excitement of Rooster Teeth Productions‘ ever-growing annual event, RTX. Having never been to RTX, I was not quite sure what to expect; but I was blown away by the experience and can safely say that it was the best show we’ve been to this year as a company. People often take for granted the amount of work that goes into preparing for and executing an event on the scale of RTX. Hats of to the Rooster Teeth team for pulling it off without a hitch (aside from a couple hiccups like bomb threats). We had way too much exciting stuff happening at the event to share it all in a short post, but I wanted to hit a few highlights that made it a great experience for me and my team.

The Fans were Amazing

IMG_7373I’ve always been a pretty hardcore nerd; so being surrounded by thousands of my video game loving, internet citizen brethren is always a rush. RTX nailed this with tons of amazing video games on display and dozens of internet celebrities walking the floor and interacting with fans.

There were a number of times when we had “VIP” visitors to our booth for a scan session, and the crowd gathered to interact with them would turn our space into our own mini-event there in the middle of the showroom. I was continually blown away by the willingness of our celebrity guests to take the time to interact with every fan they could. The fans themselves were wonderful as well. Rather than rushing and suffocating our guests, they would wait patiently for their turn for a picture or autograph and were always careful to give us the space and time we needed to get our job done.

It’s also just a neat feeling being around such a large group of folks with similar interests. Nerds are the best.

Our Rooster Teeth Collaboration

We were grateful for the opportunity to be a part of RTX to begin with, as we’re still a small company and have very limited resources for large events. The Rooster Teeth team were overwhelmingly helpful and gracious, and went out of their way to ensure the event was a success for us. Our goal was to scan as many RT staff as we could, and they did a great job of facilitating that. There are a ton of applications for good scan data, from full color 3D prints to augmented reality to fully animated digital characters. Hopefully we will have some really neat results to share with everybody soon!

The Guardians Rocked

At RTX, the army of volunteers called Guardians are there the entire time, helping the staff, exhibitors, and attendees to have the best experience possible. Often a tiring and thankless job, the guardian role is what really gives RTX its magic. These are folks that love the event and the people involved, so their passion is what enables everybody to have a good time. My team personally interacted with dozens of guardians who helped us with everything from bringing us food and water to providing security when the crowds gained a bit too much density around our VIP guests. They even helped us pack up and tote our stuff around when we were exhausted from 4 days of constant activity. Thanks to all the Guardians!

A Commemorative Collaboration with 343 Industries and the 405th Infantry Division

405th Master Chief Halo Armor ScanWe were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with the good folks of 343 Industries (The makers of Halo) and the 405th Infantry Division to scan the wonderful Master Chief armor created by 405th member Ash Turner, who passed away earlier this year. It’s always special for us to be able to work on projects that have a real purpose.

Thanks to Microsoft and the 405th for including us in such a great endeavor. We hope to have a lot more to share on this in the near future.

You can read a bit more on the Halo post here:



The RTX event was an amazing experience. We look forward to doing a lot of great things with the Rooster Teeth team and many of the others we interacted with in Austin. Stay tuned for more!