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Wedding Fever

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We just finished up with the 24th annual Dallas Bridal Show. It was a seriously wild ride. My voice will probably be recovering for several days. We had some very interesting conversations and met plenty of amazing people.

Having never really approached the wedding market with what we are doing, I was unsure what the reception would be like. I was blown away by the response we got and the genuine interest we received, despite the fact that what we are offering is so far outside what most people have experienced. I really appreciate everybody who took the time to check out our booth and learn about 3D printing and scanning!

“That’s Creepy…”

This is one thing I heard several times throughout the weekend. Haha. I appreciated the honesty everybody gave us, and I can certainly see where some folks are coming from when they say things when they first see our replicas. It is a natural reaction when seeing something for the first time that is so far outside of what you are used to. Fortunately, this initial reaction was almost always replaced by “That’s Amazing!” within a minute or two.

I felt the same way when we first started 3D printing people in full color. When you get to see your loved ones in statue form though, it tends to be a little more awesome. I now love the 3D Print I have of my 3 week old daughter. 3D printed baby with captured dimensions logoShe has already changed so much in such a short time (now 10 weeks). I know we will treasure this little memento as she ages.

Really great response

Far and away, most of our guests were amazed by what we are doing and very excited about the prospect of making it a part of their special day. We received several special requests as well: from a couple wanting to be printed as Darth Vader and Leia, to a groom wanting to pose as a zombie atop a horde of other zombies (a la World War Z) for his groom’s cake. I love these kinds of ideas and can’t wait to help folks achieve unique and creative results.

The thing I love most about 3D Printing in general is how it draws out the creative abilities of everybody involved. Many this weekend were thrilled by the idea that we could model, customize, and print almost anything they can come up with. Seeing the light bulb come on above people’s heads as they realized the potential of nearly unlimited creation ability gave me a huge rush. This stuff is exciting, and I’m so happy to share it with others!

More Details

You can find out more details about the whole wedding scenario on our Weddings Page. Of course, any time you have questions, feel free to email or comment.