“The pioneering technology is able to capture and then ‘print’ 3D figurine versions of people, and even animals, in unbelievably realistic detail.”

“A simple picture of your loved one could become a thing of the past as a new 3D printing service is immortalising people like never before.”

“After being in business for less than a year, the company is already storing hundreds of thousands of images in 3D format.”

“The experience is as quick and easy for the subject as taking a picture, and action shots are definitely an option.”

“The Smithsonian subsequently confirmed that this portrait marks the first official 3D capture and rendering of a sitting Smithsonian Secretary.”

“Currently, a scaled full body figurine from Captured Dimensions can be obtained for as little as $399 for a 1/12 scaled print, and $199 for reprints, while a recent oil on canvas portrait of Air Force Secretary Michael Donnelly is reported to have cost $41,200.”

“Anyone can take a photo, but getting an artistic representation (like a painting) made of yourself or your family can cost thousands of dollars. Getting statues or holographic pictures, on the other hand, costs hundreds.”

“The process is expensive, but much more affordable than commissioning a painting or sculpture.”

“Traditionally, an artist could spend hundreds of hours creating a realistic model from reference photographs. Scanning a model and tweaking it, by contrast, would take much less time.”