Size Options

Your full body figurine can be scaled to any of five sizes from 1/12 to 1/5 scale. Please see the Scale and Size Table for details. Busts (Head and – optionally – shoulders) can be ordered in four sizes from 6 to 15 inches tall. The listed cost includes the studio session, minor retouching, post-production work, and the 3D color print in your selected size. Sales tax and any shipping charges will be added to the total. A removable base will be included with your full body figurine if we think it will add significant stability. Some details, like eyeglasses, cannot be scanned well, but can be added back in post-production for an additional $50 charge. Please see Preparing For My 3D Photo Scan and the FAQ for information about this.

1/10 scale


Per MonthReprints $349

1/8 scale


Per MonthReprints $649

1/6 scale


Per MonthReprints $1,199

1/5 scale


Per MonthReprints $2,049