People and Pet Replication

Other scanning techniques have been around for awhile, but computers and software are now making the capture of photographic image based 3D models possible. There is a tremendous advantage in having a dome of 80 or so cameras which can catch images simultaneously in a flash over other technologies that take seconds or even minutes to complete a scan. How long can you hold your breath or an interesting pose? 3D imagery of children or pets is practically impossible any other way. And the use of photographic techniques carries with it the authentic colors and textures of the original, making full color 3D printing a reality.
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Static Object Scanning

If animate subjects can be digitally captured in 3D using photographic images, static objects are a piece of cake. Whether you are an artist needing to scale a creation or museum curator needing to digitally preserve a piece of history (digital curation), 3D capturing the item comes into play. Our state of the art 3D scanning setup facilitates the digitization of objects of all sizes.
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Digital Entertainment

Through our photogrammetric processes, actors can be captured in stunning quality, allowing their 3D models to be used in Video Games and Movies for a fraction of the cost of traditional modeling techniques. What used to take digital artists hundreds of hours can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, often with much higher accuracy. Digital asset creation is also a snap with our Structured Light 3D Scanning setup. Objects of all kinds can be scanned and made ready for digital applications in a very short amount of time.
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Architectural Models

Our experience with capturing and preparing models for 3D print gives us a huge edge in the arenas of architectural and development modeling. What used to take weeks of painstaking work with foam core and other materials can now be accomplished with a much higher degree of accuracy and in a fraction of the time through 3D Printing. We can convert nearly any CAD model or other 3D representation into a physical object in a short time.

Rapid Prototyping

When time really counts on a project, you need a team who can deliver prototypes quickly. We service the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond with our engineering and 3D printing services.