3D prints of elf sculpture

Sculptures 3D Scanned

Whether you need your treasure reproduced, enlarged or miniaturized, contact us. Do you need a maquette scanned in preparation for foundry work? We can provide 3D printing services.

3D Scanning of Architecture

Printing building models? CAD file conversion to solids for 3D printing? Whatever the project, see if we can help.

Museum 3D Preservation and Conservation

Are you looking for a new way to present your pieces to the digital community? An interactive 3-Dimensional presentation of statues and other exhibits is within reach through our state of the art 3D Scanning techniques. 3D printed life-size replicas allow you to place once-untouchable items within reach of the public.

What Have You Got?

Our 3D scanning and 3D modeling technology and techniques are constantly changing and improving. We love challenges so contact us and see if can help you.