Angry man rendered in 3D

With both the Video Game and Movie industries rapidly progressing along the path of increased realism, the need for ever improving models is only growing. At Captured Dimensions, our experience and capabilities in 3D scanning and photogrammetric capture allow us to create true-to-life digitizations of subjects and objects in record-breaking time.

Full-Body and Facial Capture

Our unique build of 80+ digital SLR cameras allows us to shoot a human or animal subject from all angles at once. These hundreds of megapixels of data are then combined and stitched together in 3D space using the process of photogrammetry (image-based spatial triangulation). The results are extremely high quality and fully textured models, ready for use in any digital environment.

Traditionally, video game character models have been created start to finish in 3D modeling software. This results in hundreds of hours spent attempting to harness that sense of “real”. As the demand for quality and increased immersion increases in the industry, the demand for that level of reality is on the rise. Our approach is to start from the opposite end of the spectrum. We take reality and distill it into a 3D model which can then be manipulated as necessary. This gives a far greater sense of realism in a much shorter time and makes our scans as true to life as possible.

Digital artists we have challenged to reproduce a subject’s face in software have thus-far been unable to match the level of accuracy and realism that we achieve using our photogrammetric processes. Contact us today if you would like to see for yourself.

You can view a few of our models in 3D at this link. In the interest of faster load times, these are low polygon models with far less detail than original size. Note: Your browser must support WebGL to view 3D models in-browser.

Digital Asset Scanning

One of the more tedious – yet important – aspects of capturing that sense of realism and immersion in a digital environment is the attention to detail apparent in mundane assets or “clutter” within the scene. Conventionally, modelers spend hundreds of hours creating everything from tree trunks to knick knacks and garbage for scenes. Through our advanced 3D scanning techniques, we are able to ease the burden of asset creation. Our Structured Light Scanning system is able to capture very fine detail in objects of all sizes. The process is also fast. What takes us an hour may take a modeler a day or more to create from scratch. Our models can come with full texturing and any level of polygon detail. This huge time savings allows game designers to spend more time on the things that matter most: creating a unique and immersive gameplay experience for their players.