dog being 3D scanned by cameras

Other scanning techniques have been around for awhile, but computers and software are now making the capture of photographic image based 3D models possible. There is a tremendous advantage in having a dome of 80 or so cameras which can catch images simultaneously in a flash over other technologies that take seconds or even minutes to complete a scan. How long can you hold your breath or an interesting pose? 3D imagery of children or pets is practically impossible any other way. And the use of photographic techniques carries with it the authentic colors and textures of the original making full color 3D printing a reality.

3D Image Capture & Preservation

Who knows what a three-dimensional digital image could be used for in the future – Let your imagination run wild. New uses are coming about every day. We don’t know all the directions these new technologies will go but we do know is that today is perishable. That beloved pet won’t always be around. Your daughter is only eighteen once. Your young family will grow up. Capture the moment today for whatever the future technology has in store downstream.

3D Printed Replicas

With today’s new technology of 3D printing, many things imagined in a computer can now be replicated in reality. People or pets whose images have been 3D captured can have detailed replicas printed in full color, in a more traditional white marble like material, or even stainless steel, silver or gold. Photo realistic replicas of the bride and groom on the cake made from a Captured Dimensions photo shoot are an exciting improvement over generic plastic models.

3D Digital Avatars

We are at the exciting beginning of new possibilities. 3D digital images are starting to be used all around us. Computer Generated Images (CGI) are becoming commonplace in movies, television and computer gaming. We hardly know anymore whether we are seeing a real actor or one generated by a computer. Actors captured today as 3D models may entertain people for generations to come in new and creative ways. Maybe you would like to have a digital Avatar to use in software in the future?