3D prints of elf sculpture

If animate subjects can be digitally captured in 3D using photographic images, static objects are a piece of cake. Whether you are an artist needing to scale a creation or museum curator needing to digitally preserve a piece of history (digital curation), 3D capturing the item comes into play.

3D Image Capture In Studio

In the Captured Dimensions studio, we can choose the best approach for your project and take all the time needed to get it just right.

3D Image Capture Outside Studio

Sometimes it is not practical to bring the object to the studio, so we can bring the cameras to it. Architecture, large statues, or things just too big for our studio may still be preserved in 3D. Talk to us and we will see what can be done.

3D Digital Images or Replicas

We can’t see all the future uses of 3D models we capture today, but we know the objects are perishable. There is some urgency to getting this done. 3D printing is growing in capability daily, both in materials and size. Prices are steadily coming down. Even if a printing is not what is required today, a 3D digital model can be used anytime in the future if it was caught today.