Our Process

3D scanning and printing is an exciting field that many are still unfamiliar with. We’ve broken down the process into a few steps that should help you understand a little more about what we do here.



The first thing we need to know is what we’re going to be scanning. For example a scanning session for a baby will take a different setup than a full body scanning session of an adult.


Knowing if we are going to prepare this model for a full body print or just a digital asset is important to know from the start so that we capture the correct level of detail.


Each scanning session takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour in the studio. We’ll schedule you for a day and time to make sure you aren’t kept waiting by a scanning session for another customer.

Scanning Session

Prepare for Scan

Read the “Preparing for my scan” page and be sure to arrive a few minutes early to your session.


We will take multiple scans of you in multiple poses. Each scan takes the same time as taking a regular picture, only an instant.


You’ll be able to choose during your session which shot(s) you want to use so don’t worry about one pose being wrong.

Clean and Prep

There is always a bit of cleanup work that goes into preparing a 3D scanned model for print or for use in animation. Our team of artists can also add in any desired props or change features at this point. This is great for making costumes look more realistic or adding back in material that was unable to be scanned (such as shiny jewelry or glass objects). We can also combine scanned objects at this point, like putting groups of people together.

For printed assets we double check texturing and modeling work to make sure there aren’t any errors. We’ll sometimes have to add a base if a model doesn’t balance properly (like for an action shot). Sometimes objects are too thin to print at a smaller scale and we’ll go in and make them thicker so the print doesn’t break easily.

Preparing digital assets for animation requires re-topologizing the object so that it can be animated or manipulated better in digital software. Models straight from 3D scans tend to have a very high amount of geometry and our artists bring that down to a much more manageable level.


After the digital model is ready it is time to either 3D print it or prepare it for other uses. Digital Assets can be displayed and shared electronically while printed statues can be either picked up from the studio in Dallas or mailed straight to your address.
Full color prints are our most popular item. We print them in full color (or monochrome if you prefer) and they are available at many different scales.
Holographic portraits are a new and exciting way to immortalize a person. These portraits provide an extra level of depth that will make it a cherished keepsake for years to come.
You can also share you digital model with friends and family using augmented reality. Through this technology, you can use any Android or iOS device to view your model in real space. Typically, we associate the model with a 2D object like a post card or invitation. Then, anybody who scans that object with the app will be able to view your model in 3D!
Assets scanned in at Captured Dimensions can be used in any variety of digital media from architectural visualization to 3D animation or games. There are different options to get an asset as a stationary prop and as an asset for animation.

If you have any further questions please read our Frequently Asked Questions and if you still have a question hit the “ask us” button on the left side of the page.