Announcing PhotoSculpt

We are very excited to announce our new retail location, PhotoSculpt, in Frisco, TX! Our new outlet is customer focused and provides an affordable and streamlined process for keepsake scanning and printing.

Digital Preservation

We use various scanning methods here at Captured Dimensions to make detailed 3D duplicates of historical and artistic pieces. By scanning in objects we preserve them for years to come.

Assets for Animation

Detailed human characters and even photo-real background props can take days or weeks to create using traditional methods. With our technology you can have a detailed textured model in a fraction of the time.

“Anyone can take a photo, but getting an artistic representation (like a painting) made of yourself or your family can cost thousands of dollars. Getting statues or holographic pictures, on the other hand, costs hundreds.”

“A simple picture of your loved one could become a thing of the past as a new 3D printing service is immortalising people like never before.”