The Bridge from Reality to 3D Digital

If it breathes and blinks or just sits there, if it is in a CAD file or just an idea in your head, Captured Dimensions is all about your need to move it into the 3D digital world. Our state-of-the-art 3D Scanning and 3D Printing capabilities allow the digitization or replication of nearly anything.

Cat with 6 inch full color sandstone 3d printed replica


Full Color 3D Printed Replicas

The future, today. A stunningly photo realistic replica you can hold in your hand and look at from all sides. Currently, these full color replicas can be scaled to sizes anywhere from less than 6 inches to 15 inches tall. Wonderful, heirloom quality keepsakes.

Our state of the art studio and true-to-life capture processes allow us to produce the highest quality 3D Printed replicas of humans and pets.

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Digital Scanning and Preservation

Digitizing Reality is our tagline for a reason. We care deeply about the preservation of 3-Dimensional content. We work with museums, artists, and universities to preserve the objects most valuable to them.

Some wish to share their content with the world through digital means; others to print and replicate. Whatever your future plans for your items: let us help to digitize and store them today.

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Bronze 3D Printed replica of angel statue

3D render of prototype cosplay scan


VFX and Digital Media

As the demand for immersion and detail continue to rise, the importance of high-quality digital character models and assets will only increase. We are heavily focused on producing assets of the highest quality for application in video games and cinema.

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