man sitting being 3D scanned with DSLR cameras

About Us

We are a team of technologists and artists with an unbridled passion for the world of 3D Scanning and a strong desire to digitize anything and everything. With several 3D Scanning tools in our arsenal, we can capture a huge array of subjects in high quality for use in digital media or 3D Printing. Based in Plano (Dallas), TX, we have one of the first studios of its kind in the States.

We excel in the photographic scanning of subjects for 3D digital models. With our unique and innovative array of simultaneously triggered digital cameras we can create high resolution, fully textured, 3D models of a subject unmatched by other 3D scanning techniques. 3D models of people, animals, and other constantly moving objects are now easily accessible. The sciences of photogrammetry and photo-modeling combined with increasing software and computer power make this all possible.

We are at the exciting beginning of new possibilities. 3D digital images are starting to be used all around us. Computer Generated Images (CGI) are becoming commonplace in advertisements, movies, television and computer gaming. The line between real actors and computer generated characters has been blurred. Actors captured today as 3D models may entertain people for generations to come in new and creative ways.

With the new technology of 3D printing, many things imagined in a computer can now be replicated in reality. Both people or pets whose images have been 3D captured can have detailed replicas printed in full color. Photo realistic replicas of the bride and groom on the cake made from a Captured Dimensions photo shoot are an exciting improvement over generic plastic models.

Who knows what a three-dimensional digital image could be used for in the future… let your imagination run wild. With that idea in mind, we archive all of our scans for use in the future. New uses are coming about every day. We don’t know all the directions these new technologies will go but we do know that today is perishable. That beloved pet won’t always be around. Your daughter is only eighteen once. Your young family will grow up. Capture the moment today for whatever the future technology has in store tomorrow.

Contact us

We are located in the Frisco community, on the northern side of Dallas, TX. If you are interested in visiting the studio to learn more let us know!

If you have a question about the process, would like to get a quote on a project, or have any other questions please send an email to

Media Contact

If you are a member of the media and would like to discuss our capabilities or the world of 3D Scanning and Printing, feel free to contact us at

Investment Contact

We have some exciting things planned for the next phase of our journey; and we are beginning to seek VC investment for these goals. If you are interested in being a part of the excitement, you may contact us at